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Python Dark Theme Maxscript PyMXS Py 3Ds Max
Python for 3Ds Max in Dark Theme (Codes displayed in the photo are from Autodesk Script Samples)

Download Free PyDarkTheme – Dark Theme for Python

A day after I wrote this article, I went back to write code for a packaged installer for PyDarkTheme. Basically, what’s in the rest of the article, but ready to install package.


Python for 3Ds Max in Dark Theme. Save your eyes!

Why change?

Maxscript Editor Original Whtie Theme
Maxscript Editor Original White Theme

The Scripting Editor in 3Ds Max has always been too bright and straining for my eyes. After a few hours of coding with the default theme, I often experience eye fatigue.

There’s no fix for this yet?

Fortunately, the Maxscript side has already been fixed thanks to the invention of the DarkScintilla script by spacefrog. This has saved so many eyes, including mine.

However, there is still no solution for Python for 3Ds Max. Whenever I write Python for 3Ds Max, I either switch back and forth between Visual Studio Code and 3Ds Max or just deal with the light theme in 3Ds Max, even though it’s not my preference.

But fear not, fellow coders! I have a solution. I will fix this issue myself!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Locate the settings

Python for 3Ds Max properties
Python for 3Ds Max properties

Start by going to the script editor, go to Tools menu. Here’s you’ll see

  • User Options File
  • Global Options File
  • MAXScript.properties
  • python.properties

Well, the User Options File and Global Options File are global, but in specific language like MAXScript or python, if you make changes in the settings, it’ll override any global settings.

Since we don’t want to adjust any other language but Python, we’re going to use python.properties.

Step 2: Have a look

Once you’ve already selected, the settings should look something like this.

Config file of Python for 3Ds Max Scripting Editor
Config file of Python for 3Ds Max Scripting Editor

On the top, you’ll see the path where this config file exists. Now, you can’t really edit this file since it’s inside C:Program Files.

You’ll need Admin Access. We have 2 choices.

  1. Open 3Ds Max by right click + Run as Admin.
  2. Run VS Code as admin and open the file

I’ll use the latter method, but it’s pretty much the same idea.

Step 3: Dark Theme Begins!

FYI, I’m using 3Ds Max 2023, so, if it’s not exactly the same, should still work. Right in the python.properties file, you want to skip to around line 54 where it starts with the styling. It should look something like this.


Here we want to add the first biggest thing, the background color and the default font. Initially, there’s no “style.python.32” and Python just uses the global parameter.

# Python styles

The rest is pretty straightforward with the comment explanation.

Step 4: Full Code

Here’s my full code, so, you can just replace your original value with mine as a starting point, then adjust it to what you like!

# Python styles
# White space
# Comment
# Number
# String
# Single quoted string
# Keyword
# Triple quotes
# Triple double quotes
# Class name definition
# Function or method name definition
# Operators
# Identifiers
# Comment-blocks
# End of line where string is not closed
# Highlighted identifiers
# Decorators
# Matched Operators
# Braces are only matched in operator style

VS Code normally save automatically, so, you can just close it down once you’re done.

Step 5: Close and reopen

This setting doesn’t update in real-time. You must close 3Ds Max and reopen it to see the changes.

Once you re-open it, Voila! Python for 3Ds Max in Dark theme!


Dark Theme Samples

Not only does a dark theme make you look cooler (because let’s face it, we all want to look cool while coding), but it also saves your precious eyes from the torture of bright white screens. Plus, it gives off a mysterious vibe that makes people think you’re some kind of coding ninja.

So, let’s ditch the light theme and embrace the darkness. Your eyes will thank you, and you’ll finally be able to code without feeling like you’re being blinded by the light. Trust me, once you go dark, you’ll never go back.

Don’t forget to check out some other cool scripts of mine like Quick UVW Randomizer Script!


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