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Python and MZP, it just won’t work for me!

I made multiple attempts trying to make Python and MZP installer work together, but unfortunately, my efforts were in vain. The issue lies in the fact that whenever I include the .py file within the .mzp installer file (and I’m sure I have the py file in the list of mzp.run), the installer ceases to function once the mzp.run encounters the .py file.

Interestingly, I tried a similar approach with some maxscript, and it worked seamlessly. From my understanding, this problem is most likely related to the MZP packaging. If anyone has encountered this issue before and managed to resolve it, kindly leave a comment below detailing your solution.

Bye bye Python and MZP, I made my own solution for now!

After some attempts, I realized it was a waste of time, and I’d rather create my own installer script. The process is quite straightforward – all I need to do is obtain the current directory where the script was executed and then proceed to copy the necessary script(s) from its subdirectory to the designated userScripts folder. Remember to create a macroscript to run the script as well! Voilà! That should do the trick.

In the event that you have downloaded any of my scripts and discovered that it is in a ‘.zip’ file format, don’t fret. Upon extracting the contents, you may come across something that appears similar to this:

+ \scripts\
+ \icons\

- Installer_DragNDrop.ms <OR> Installer_DragNDrop.mse

This is my solution. While instructions may be available on the download page, I want to clarify why I implemented it this way.

As far as the user experience is concerned, the process for them is quite simple. All that needs to be done is to drag the Installer_DragNDrop.ms file onto the viewport and voilà! The installation process should commence without any hiccups.


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